The Carisma Original® Radiant Plate was born in 1993 as an evolution of an Austrian project from the eighties. The first prototype sees the light at the beginning of 1994 and proves to be highly performing. It is patented and marketed in the following months under the name of Geber Carisma®.

Over the years, the Carisma® radiant plate has achieved great success for those who decide to abandon the classic convective radiators in cast iron and aluminum to take advantage of the qualities of steel in terms of radiant capacity. At the beginning of the 2000s, with the first decrees on energy saving, it was decided to invest more in irradiation systems operating at low temperatures.

From this study in 2004 the Geber Carisma® radiant plate evolves acquiring the current characteristics, i.e. a low temperature radiation emission system. On the basis of this peculiarity, a specific calculation program is developed for the sizing of the radiant plates according to the calculation algorithms on which the theory of radiation is based.

In 2009, Eng. Piergianni Severino, nephew of the owner, who decides to reorganize the corporate structure. Starting from 2010, therefore, the radiant plates, in addition to being designed and always produced by Geber Radiatori – CTI, are also sized and distributed directly under the new name Geber Carisma Original®

As the name itself suggests, the Carisma Original® radiant plates are the only and original ones that have always been on the market and already boast numerous cases of imitations by companies that try to sell imitations that can be easily unmasked because their basic element dimensions do not correspond to ours. . We therefore invite you to be wary of all imitations that claim to be Carisma Original® type radiant plates in steel.

The original Carisma® plates boast 20 years of experience and have been installed, with great success, in over 10,000 homes throughout the country and in all climatic zones. So rely on our free and without obligation. Technical Office, directed by Piergianni Severino, Nuclear Thermotechnical Engineer and be wary of those who want to sell you aesthetically similar but technically unreliable products.